UX STRAT Masterclass Series in Major US Cities

We are still creating the schedule, so the cities we conduct the UX STRAT Masterclass in may vary; however, the current short list includes:




Atlanta UX STRAT Masterclass Feb. 7, 2014
Boulder UX STRAT Masterclass Mar. 14, 2014
Chicago UX STRAT Masterclass April 18, 2014
Boston UX STRAT Masterclass May 2, 2014
New York UX STRAT Masterclass June 13, 2014
Washington DC UX STRAT Masterclass Seeking Host
San Francisco UX STRAT Masterclass Seeking Host
Seattle UX STRAT Masterclass Seeking Host
Austin/Dallas UX STRAT Masterclass Seeking Host
Miami UX STRAT Masterclass Seeking Host

For more information about UX STRAT Masterclasses, please send your inquiry using the contact form. If your company wants to sponsor or host a UX STRAT Masterclass in one of the above cities, or if you are an experienced UX strategist and presenter and want to conduct a Masterclass workshop, please contact us using the contact form and describe how you would like to collaborate with us on this exciting new series about UX strategy.

UX STRAT Presentations

We realize that not everyone can take several days to attend a conference on UX Strategy. We also realize that some people are looking for UX strategy training opportunities rather than presentations and networking geared to experienced UX leaders. To this end, we have created the UX STRAT Masterclass series that will take place in 2014 in major cities across the US. Read more about the UX STRAT Masterclass.

The UX STRAT Masterclasses are full-day workshops that cover the types of topics that the UX STRAT conference covers, but in a hands-on workshop format for people with varying levels of UX experience. Although UX STRAT Masterclass topics will vary by city, foundational topics will be taught in all cities:

  • Moving from tactical to strategic UX design
  • Aligning UX design with business strategy
  • Using various data sources to inform UX design
  • Communicating your UX strategy to the organization
  • Designing for evolving behaviors and needs of key customer segments
  • Competitive benchmarking


We received an overwhelmingly positive response to UX STRAT 2013 (search #uxstrat on Twitter to see the 1200+ tweets during the conference). Now we're planning UX STRAT 2014, which will take place in beautiful Boulder Colorado on September 7 - 9, 2014. To get on the update list for UX STRAT 2014, enter your email address in the field at the top of this page, or use the contact form. We will let you know when early bird registration starts, and who will be speaking.


We are planning a European version of UX STRAT that will also take place in 2014. We are working with our partner in London, Foolproof, to select a venue and dates. There are a number of hurdles to holding a conference in a different country, which we are working through one by one. However, we are confident that we can solve these issues in time to hold UX STRAT Europe in 2014. To get on the update list for UX STRAT 2014 in Europe, use the contact form and mention "UX STRAT Europe." We will send you information on the conference dates, location, call for presentations, selected presentations, pricing, etc.