UX STRAT Europe will be held in Amsterdam on June 4 - 5, 2015

UX STRAT Europe: Amsterdam, June 4 - 5, 2015

UX STRAT 2014 will be held in Boulder CO

Registration is now open for UX STRAT Europe, which will take place on June 4 - 5, 2015 in Amsterdam.

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UX STRAT Europe brings together experience design leaders, strategists, researchers, and senior professionals to hear about, and discuss, the latest trends in experience design strategy. The conference will be limited to one track and a maximum of 200 attendees to foster a thinktank atmosphere. Presentations will focus on the intersection of business strategy, user experience, customer experience, product design, and service design.

UX STRAT Europe will take place at Tobacco Theater in the heart of old Amsterdam. There are dozens of restaurants and bars within a short walking distance of the venue. This is the perfect setting for intensive day sessions, followed by after-hours networking and fun.

We will also have a UX STRAT USA conference in September 2015 (details coming soon). If your company would like to sponsor or host any of our 2015 UX STRAT events, contact us.

A few of the UX STRAT Europe Speakers:

Gerry McGovern, Customer Carewords

Gerry McGovern

Customer Carewords

Tim Loo, Foolproof

Tim Loo


Susanne van Mulken, Informaat

Susanne van Mulken


Theo Forbath, Cognizant

Theo Forbath


Simon Norris, Nomensa

Simon Norris


Peter Boersma

Peter Boersma


Jonathan Lovatt-Young, Tribal Worldwide

Jonathan Lovatt-Young

Tribal Worldwide

Jonny Schneider, Thoughtworks

Jonny Schneider


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What UX STRAT Attendees Are Saying

  1. “Keep it up! Favorite conference I've been to in 10 years.”
  2. “if you missed #uxstrat put on your calendar for 2015. A very well run conference where the presenters actually stick around to chat #crazy” @atothChi
  3. “All presentations were concrete stories about how stuff is getting done. A fabulous mix of methods and case study.”
  4. “I’m at #uxstrat – Every minute so far has been thought provoking. Great value.” @kaibrunner
  5. “Had a great time at #uxstrat! So many terrific presenters, topics, insights and "wow" moments. Thanks folks!” @aemorrison

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