UX STRAT 2014 Call for Presentations is Open!

UX STRAT Presentations

Venue and dates announced: Boulder CO, Sept 7 - 9, 2014

UX STRAT 2013 was a great success, and we are excited to open the gates to receive proposals for UX STRAT 2014 presentations and workshops. We will keep the same single-track format that attendees found so conducive for building the UX Strategy sense of community. The single-track format forced us to turn down 90% of the submissions last year, and this year we will have same level of curation (contact us if you want to be an expert reviewer). However, there will be more workshops in this year's event. The audience will consist primarily of very experienced UX leaders, strategists, researchers, and designers, so your presentation or workshop proposal should be targeted to this audience.

First time speakers with an AWESOME case study that highlights rigorous UX Strategy methods are welcome. We would rather have an unknown speaker with deep substance over a popular purveyor of pablum!

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UX STRAT Masterclass Series Coming to Major US Cities

UX STRAT Masterclasses are coming to a city near you! For UX leaders who want their teams to understand more about UX strategy, we have created the UX STRAT Masterclass series that will take place in 2014 in major cities across the US.

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