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Join us for XD Immersive, the premier international conference dedicated to immersive experience design!

Designers, product managers, IT innovators, and business strategists who attend XD Immersive will hear industry leaders talk about the latest developments in this rapidly flourishing new field, with a distinct focus on experience design and business use cases.

Top companies in VR/AR/AI/IoT/Voice have committed to participate in XD Immersive.

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Attending XD Immersive help you and your company get ready for the transition that the world’s most valuable companies agree is the most important platform shift since mobile phones. XD Immersive will take place in San Francisco on May 3 – 4, in the ultra-modern Bespoke venue on Market St. Early discount tickets are on sale now. Join fellow designers, product managers, business strategists and IT pro's at XD Immersive to prepare your career and your company for the coming tsunami of immersive products and services!

The Call for Presentations for XD Immersive just ended. As the program takes shape, our speakers will appear in the list below.

Our XD Immersive 2018 Speakers:

Jon Wiley, Google

Jon Wiley


Andi Rusu, Microsoft

Andi Rusu


Dr. Faith McCreary, Intel

Dr. Faith McCreary


Kharis O'Connell, Meta

Kharis O'Connell


Katie Hughes, Beast

Katie Hughes


Dan Padgett, Google

Dan Padgett


Andrew Leitch, New York Film Academy

Andrew Leitch

New York Film Academy

Charles Yust, frog design

Charles Yust

frog design

David Birnbaum, Immersion

David Birnbaum


Andre Le, Google

Andre Le


Andrew McHugh, Samsung

Andrew McHugh