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New VR / AR / Voice Conference!! San Francisco May 2018

We’re launching a new conference and expo in 2018 that focuses on Immersive Experience Design technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and voice. XD Immersive will take place on May 3 – 4, 2018, in the ultra-modern Bespoke venue in the heart of San Francisco on Market St. Presentations by industry leaders on new products and services will be supplemented by hands-on demos by top companies in this space.

If you want to bring your career, team, company up to date and prepare for the technology revolution that is no longer future but a current reality, or if you want to demo to the world your new VR/AR/Voice product or service, plan to join us for this unique, exciting event! We currently have an open call for presentations as well as an invitation to sponsor/demo for the XD Immersive Conference and Expo.

UX STRAT Europe News

The Call for Presentations for UX STRAT Europe 2018 is now open! The review panel is looking for presentations that combine business strategy and experience design, and that display our core selection criteria: rigor, depth and transparency. We are mainly interested in presentations with a specific European context, suitable for an audience consisting of UX / Product Design leaders and very experienced professionals. Proposals are due by January 17, 2018. The conference will take place in Amsterdam in May or June 2018.

Call for Presentations

Presentations from UX STRAT Europe 2017 are now available on Slideshare, as are sketch notes of the presentations by Chris Spalton of Foolproof (@ChrisSpalton).


We just completed another successful UX STRAT USA program in beautiful Boulder Colorado. Presentations from UX STRAT USA 2017, as well as all previous UX STRAT presentations, are available on our Slideshare site.

To view the conference programs of past UX STRAT USA conferences, select a link below

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UX STRAT’s Unique Value Proposition

UX STRAT conferences are carefully curated for leaders and experienced professionals who want to develop a more strategic approach to their product and service design programs. UX STRAT presentations are case studies about how leaders within the experience design field organize, analyze, innovate, and communicate.

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UX STRAT sponsors gain access to top-tier, creative talent that is intently focused on achieving business results. UX STRAT provides the perfect environment to associate your brand with thought leaders in the high growth fields of user experience design, customer experience, product management, product design and service design. Our events are a goldmine if you are in expansion mode, or if your company wants to win recognition as a leader in this space.

To find out more about sponsorship, contact us or visit https://www.uxstrat.com/sponsor

What UX STRAT Attendees Are Saying

  1. “Keep it up! Favorite conference I've been to in 10 years.”
  2. “Highly relevant topics, meaningful discussions and inspiring takeaways!”
  3. “Lots of actionable insights, and a room full of industry peers. Bravo!”
  4. “Amazing experience @uxstrat Conf! Put this one on ur radar scope for next year!”
  5. “Amazing conference team at @uxstrat Super friendly and well organized. Looking forward to the next one!”


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